Pepsi Cricket World Twenty-20 qualifiers

Seychelles finish fourth in division two qualifiers

Seychelles currently lie in fourth place at the Pepsi Cricket World Twenty-20 division two qualifiers being held in South Africa.

The draw had pitted Seychelles against Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Swaziland and Mozambique and our country’s team have won two games and lost the other three.
The two wins have come against Mozambique and Nigeria. Seychelles scored 149 for 7 wickets to defeat Mozambique by 24 runs. In the other win, Nigeria batted first and scored 151 for 7 wickets and Seychelles scored 155 for 3 wickets to win by 5 balls and 7 wickets.

Seychelles fell to defeats against group leaders Zambia. They lost by 55 runs and then suffered defeat by 7 runs at the hands of Ghana. In their final match, Seychelles lost by 8 runs against Swaziland.

Ghana won the group after winning four out of five matches – the same win-lose record as runners-up Zambia.
With a net run rate of +2.222 Ghana finished at the top of the six-team standings while Zambia had to accept second place with +1.508.
If Nigeria (three wins and two defeats) have finished third, Seychelles and Swaziland have both finished with two wins and three losses. With a net run rate of -0.364 Seychelles have finished fourth, pushing Swaziland into fifth position with a net run rate of -0.824.
Without a win in five games, Mozambique complete the standing in sixth position and their net run rate is -2.452.

S. N.