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The Players’ Spirit of Seychelles Cricket

As cricketers who play under the rules of International Cricket in Seychelles we acknowledge and embrace The Spirit of Cricket, its code of conduct and the laws of our game.

This Players’ Spirit of Seychelles Cricket serves as a guide to the shared standards of behavior that we expect of ourselves and of the values we hold.

Our on-field behavior

We play our cricket hard but fair and accept all umpiring decisions as a mark of respect for our opponents, the umpires, ourselves and the game.

We view positive play, pressure, body language and banter between opponents and ourselves as legitimate tactics and integral parts of the competitive nature of cricket.

We do not condone or engage in sledging or any other conduct that constitutes personal abuse, as set out in our code of conduct.

We encourage the display of passion and emotion as a sign of our enjoyment and pride in the game, as a celebration of our achievements and as a sign of respect for our opponents.

Our team

We take pride in our sense of the importance of the team and acknowledge the role of the team captain and our direct support staff. We demonstrate this by displaying loyalty and compassion to each other, by accepting our role as mentors and by supporting each other to abide by these values.

We value honesty and accept that every member of the team has a role to play in shaping, and abiding by our shared standards and expectations.

We strive to be regarded as the best team in Seychelles. We measure this by our on field achievements and by exploring ways in which we might continue to .raise the bar in respect of our own professionalism.

We acknowledge and follow the traditions of our game while encouraging and accepting experimentation that will enable us to create our own traditions and history.

We do this in the expectation that we will leave the game in a better shape than it was before we arrived.

Our opponents

We acknowledge and respect that our opponents may hold different cultural values and beliefs from our own, and value the diversity and richness this adds to the game.

By treating our opponents with dignity and forging bonds of mutual respect, we will overcome any cultural barriers.

Our supporters

We value our supporters and acknowledge those who support our opponents and the game of cricket. We demonstrate commitment to our supporters by always giving our best and demonstrating leadership in everything we do.


We respect the governing bodies of the game, our support teams in every capacity and our players’ association. We demonstrate this respect by seeking and offering frank and open communication in accordance with the Players’ Spirit of Seychelles Cricket.

Written, Edited and adopted by Seychelles Cricket Association and its members

We do not condone Excess Appealing as is places added pressure on an official who has dedicated his time and demonstrated his commitment to our association on a voluntary basis.

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