The SCA organized a session for the schoolchildren on Friday 24th August 2018

The Seychelles Cricket Association organized a session for the schoolchildren on Friday 24th August starting at 9am the Stad Popilaire

The session was part of the activities of the visit of Multiply Titan Cricket Team from South African.

Eight out of ten primary school which were selected, turned up for the session. They were Port Glaud School, Grand Anse School, Anse Boileau School, Baie Lazare School, Takamaka School, La Misere School, Plaisance School and Glacis school.

Anse Etoile School and Perseverance school did not turned up

Each school were to participate with 24 children (12 girls and 12 boys) but unfortunately not all schools managed to have their full squad

The SCA provided all schools with SPTC buses which collected the children from their respected school to Stad Popilaire and back after the session

The SCA also provided all participants with T-shirt and cap

After they were divided into different groups and were place all over the pitch, it was the Multiply Titans players who conducted the session where the children learn some basic skills such as bowling, batting and throwing. It must be noted that some local cricket players were also there, helping the children.

After the session all children were provided with soft drink and snack from Gran Kaz

It was a great activity with a very good atmosphere where the children really enjoy themselves.